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Global Education

The Universidad de Iberoamérica - UNIBE was founded in 1995 with the mission of creating and disseminating knowledge in accordance with the advances of modern science and technology, with a deeply humanistic and democratic orientation, in adherence to the highest values that characterize our society. Among its primary objectives are to offer and disseminate technological, scientific and cultural activities that promote the social welfare and development of the country; offer a dynamic, comprehensive, diversified and pragmatic education; contribute to the investigation, study and analysis of national problems, particularly of a socio-economic nature, with a view to promoting solutions through community development programs; promote relationships with other related national and international entities; carry out activities that contribute to human promotion, economic development, social welfare and the strengthening of democracy and peace in particular.

UNIBE is the number one promoter in international higher education in Costa Rica; with more than 22 years of experience. UNIBE has provided study abroad opportunities to students, graduates and professionals in the health field. UNIBE's vision is clear and far-reaching, promoting and sustaining an increasingly transnational collaboration of Costa Rica with the world. UNIBE's international initiatives and programs are an essential part of strategic efforts to strengthen the institution, the country and other regions of the world.

UNIBE has established alliances and signed important agreements with multiple international institutions and universities. These agreements add value to the education of our students. As part of the agreements, both students and professors of UNIBE have the opportunity to do internships in international universities, as well as research exchanges, knowledge, training and much more. Our students are the winners of these initiatives, as they gain new perspectives on their curriculum. Thanks to exposure to these global institutions, UNIBE students graduate with greater knowledge.

For more information please contact Elizabeth Rodríguez – Director of Global Education

Educación Global

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