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Admisiones Internacionales

UNIBE se enorgullece de tener un gran conjunto de estudiantes que representan los valores de nuestra institución de la mejor manera, siendo profesionales dedicados a la excelencia y con gran trato humano. Es por eso que deseamos desarrollar profesionales de todas partes del mundo, brindándole a alumnos extranjeros la oportunidad de cumplir sus sueños de desarrollarse profesionalmente en el área de las Ciencias de la Salud.

Por consiguiente, tenemos a disposición de la comunidad internacional el Departamento de Admisiones Internacionales, donde nuestros asesores están a disposición de todo aquél que quiera estudiar en nuestra Universidad, brindándole siempre la ayuda necesaria y guiándolo a través del proceso de admisión.

Estudiar en otro país puede ser la mejor decisión profesional, así como una experiencia muy gratificante. Por eso le invitamos a que se comunique con nosotros y que conozca todos los beneficios que conlleva estudiar en UNIBE.

UNIBE is proud to have a great group of students who represent the values of our institution in the best way, being professionals dedicated to excellence and human treatment. That is why we want to develop professionals from all over the world, giving foreign students the opportunity to fulfill their dreams of developing professionally in Health Sciences.

Consequently, we have the International Admissions Department available to the international community, where our advisors are available to all students who wants to study at our University, always providing them with the necessary help and guiding them through the admission process.

Studying in another country can be the best professional decision, as well as a very rewarding experience. That is why we invite you to contact us and learn about all the benefits of studying at UNIBE.

Proceso de Admisión

Para iniciar con el proceso de admisiones, el estudiante debe presentar los siguientes documentos:

Requisitos de Admisión

  • Título de Secundaria apostillado
  • Transcripciones de Secundaria apostilladas
  • Completar el formulario de admisiones
  • Pasaporte
  • Formulario de Certificado de Salud
  • Formulario de alojamiento
  • 2 Cartas de recomendación
  • Historial de vacunas
  • Registro de antecedentes penales apostillado (menos de 3 meses de expedida)
  • Certificado de nacimiento apostillado

In order to start admission student must send the present documents:

Admission requirements

  • High School Diploma (Apostilled)
  • High School Transcripts (Apostilled)
  • Admission Form
  • Passport
  • Health Certificate Form
  • Housing Form
  • 2 Recommendation letters (from professors or peers, not family)
  • Vaccines Record
  • Police Record FEDERAL (less than 3 months issued and apostilled)
  • Birth Certificate (less than 3 months issued and apostilled)

Universidad De Iberoamérica UNIBE has satisfied and qualified the definition of an eligible Institution under the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended (HEA) and the Federal student financial assistance programs (Title IV, HEA programs). With this standard UNIBE is able to provide the opportunity to US students to have Federal and Private loan.

This section is a disclose to US students.

The Universidad de Iberoamérica has qualified in the definition of an eligible institution under the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended, (HEA) and the Federal financial aid programs for students (Title IV, HEA programs). With this standard UNIBE is able to provide the opportunity for students to have federal and private student assistance.<br>

NOTE: The Medical Program and Nursing Program are excluded from Federal Aid, however, the Psychology and Pharmacy programs are within the scope of your Title IV eligibility.


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Federal and Private Student Aid (English)

US Government requires Institutions offering US Direct Loans to disclose the following consumer information applicable to all schools participating in the Title IV, Hea student financial aid programs and receiving any federal funds.

Schools are required by law to disclose consumer information which is available clicking in this button:

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This is the information of the annual Cost of Attendance (COA) includes tuition and fees, room and board, books, supplies and equipment, transportation and miscellaneous personal expenses.


TUITION FEES $6,500 – $8,500
HOUSING $2.260,00
LUNCHS $1000,00
BOOKS & SUPPLIES $200 – $900
Insurance $350

This document identifies the tools we use to promote students´ financial success by increasing retention and reducing student loan delinquency and default. Our Default Prevention and Management Plan is based on guidance provided by the United States Department of Education (ED) via Dear Colleague Letter (DCL) GEN-05-14, and includes the following sections:


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UNIBE is responsible and committed to applying a transparent and efficient loan program, which the student is kept informed during his educational period. Below is the Regulation for Loans Programs and Veteran Benefits.

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UNIBE´s Catalog include degrees, programs intrutions, academic information, a small of descripton programs, credit system and information about Costa Rica.


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Appeal form is the option that the student has to request that his case be analyzed and evaluated to become eligible for loans again.


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Federal Student Aid (FSA), also known as Title IV funding, is awarded under the assumption that a student will complete course(s) for the entire semester and/or payment period for which the funds were awarded. When a student ceases attendance or withdraws from eligible scheduled courses for the payment period, officially and/or unofficially, regardless of the reason, the student may no longer be eligible for the full amount of Title IV funds originally awarded.

The return of funds to the federal government is based on the premise that financial aid is earned in proportion to the length of time during which the student attended. Here is the procedure that UNIBE applies for the return of federal funds.

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ederal regulations require the University to establish, publish, and apply standards to monitor your progress toward completing your degree program. Here is the policy that UNIBE applies on the Satifactory Academic Progress (SAP).


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UNIBE is registered with the General Directorate of Migration as an educational institution, which offers students to manage their process for the student visa.

Requisitos de Migración


Migration Requirements

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